Monday, April 1, 2013

2 month anniversary and a very special gift to me

(if you're just now tuning in, i urge you to read "the story behind it all" up top, in addition to my first post below.  otherwise you'll have no idea what this post is about. i'm watching out for you.)

today was a milestone day in my journey with diabetes.  

today, i received pump training and started using this beauty for the first time. behold.

to you it may not look like much, but this above is an insulin pump. i'm not exaggerating when say it will drastically improve my quality of life with diabetes.  it looks like a lot is going on here, but it's basically comprised of two parts, the personal diabetes manager (PDM) on the left and the pod on the right.  (the pod is what sticks to my body and delivers the insulin while the PDM (like a remote) tells it how much to give) i'll go into how it works in more detail eventually, but right now i just had to share my excitement.

it's pretty hard to gauge the size of the pod, so here's a visual courtesy of the box it came in.

 it's tiny! if you see me within the next few days, i dare you to try to spot it.

mine is unique in that it's very small and TUBELESS! this is a breakthrough in insulin therapy. other models are rather bulky and require long tubing for insulin administration. not mine :) 

i could go on and on, but i'll stop here.

 thanks for reading and sharing in my excitement with me! i have a great feeling about things to come.

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