Wednesday, March 27, 2013

here we go!

welcome to there's love in it all! if you're asking yourself, "what's with the name?", i urge you check out "the story behind it all" in the tab above.  it's a wee bit lengthly but i think it's essential to know where i've come from and where i'm headed with this blog.

i'll give you a second to go there, read up, then come back. i'll meet you right here.

welcome back! 

there's no need to cue any sappy violin music.  this would get real old, real fast if this was all about me and struggles that come along with my disease. so what's the purpose of it all anyways?  

1. (possibly the most self-centered of them all) to serve as an outlet for me. a public journal of sorts. to serve as a record that will enable me to look back and see where i've come from.

2. to educate. perhaps i was a little naive in thinking that everyone was as informed about diabetes as i was.  as a nutrition major, diabetes, in some form or another, is discussed in almost every course.  when someone hears word that i have diabetes, their first thoughts are usually, "but you're so young" and "you're so healthy".  yes, i am both of those.  type 1 is a little unique and far less common. i've designated a tab above to give a simple, brief overview. read it. impress your friends.

3. to have fun! i'm not confining myself to one topic. (i can barely sit through an entire movie without getting all ADD, less likely blog about one thing forever and ever) so that being said, i plan on writing about style, beauty, crafting, and definitely food! 

4. to inspire. we all have our junk.  it might not be physical, but perhaps emotional or spiritual.  in some way or another i hope i can be an encouragement to someone. do i, personally, have this whole thing figured out? absolutely not!  every. single. day. i cling to the promises of God.  

5. to praise. like i've said before, i'm confident in saying that this disease is a blessing.  i have no doubt that this will bring me closer to my Jesus and (my primary motivator for starting this blog) that someone, anyone, will stumble upon this and be exposed to the healing power of our Savior.  He is my Peace.  my hope is that others might find the Peace too.   

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